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     Way back in time when I was just a small fellow about age six I got out of the house on a sunny summer day for a walk. On that walk I came to a construction project that was in progress in our neighborhood. There were a couple of rather gruff looking old timers building a brick approach to a house. They didn't seem to notice me much as they laid brick although one did ask if my mother knew where I was. I was so mesmerized by what those old guys were doing I had no reply. I didn't know it then but my brain had figured out what I was destined to become. I can still recall, as if it were yesterday, that afternoon in my mind's eye 42 years later!

     BairdSki Masonry® Inc. came about after many years working in the masonry trade and traveling to many places and working with many different outfits, I attribute our strong masonry skills and wisdom to this earlier life. We believe the customer comes first and foremost. We also believe in the survival of the masonry trade. In order to achieve this we strive for top quality masonry in all that we do. So whether your needs are simple or complex we at BairdSki Masonry® Inc. can deliver that dream.


Northern Idaho


Ron Baird


(208) 699-2877




  1. Rumford Core Kits
  2. Dampners
  3. Stone
  4. Brick
  5. Masonry Sealers